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Current Discounts
Updated 08/17/2021

Right now, the market is still volatile and shortages persist, along with very limited availability of some models and trims. Discounts may be subject to change, so please contact us regarding specific cars.  All discounts are off MSRP, before any applicable incentives and the highest discount available for each model/trim.  Some cars are case-by-case.  We use base MF for leases and do not add points to financing rates (subject to top-tier credit approval).

2 series

228ix  - 8% off

M235i - 2% off

3 series

330ix - 8% off

330xe - 4% off

M340ix - 6% off

M3 - all trims (base, comp., comp. xDrive) - MSRP

4 series

430ix convertible - 5% off

430ix coupe - please inquire (case by-case)

430i gran coupe - please inquire (case by-case)

M440i gran coupe - MSRP

M440ix coupe - 5% off

M440ix convertible - MSRP

M4 - all trims (coupe, comp. coupe, comp. xDrive coupe, comp. convertible) - MSRP

5 series

530ix - 5% off

530xe - 3% off

540ix - 5% off

M550ix - 5% off

M5 - 4% off

7 series and 8 series

Please inquire.

X1 and X2

X1 28i and X2 28i - please inquire (case by-case)


X3 xDrive 30i - 8%

X3 M40i - 6%

X3M and X3M competition - 5%


X4 xDrive 30i - 2%

X4 M40i - 3%

X4 M and M competition - 5%


X5 xDrive 40i - 6% off

X5 xDrive 45e - MSRP

X5 M50i - 5%

X5M and X5M comp. - please inquire (case by-case)


X6 xDrive 40i - MSRP

X6 M50i - 3% off

X6M - 3% off


X7 xDrive 40i - MSRP

X7 M50i - MSRP


We strive to get the best discounts possible for our clients, despite a difficult market.  We are here for you to negotiate everything from start-to-finish, making your automotive purchase experience as stress-free as possible.