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Vehicle brand sold

We are unique in that we are BMW and Mercedes-Benz specialists. 

Number of years/months in business

We have been brokering deals across the country for years, and our main dealer contact has worked for BMW for more than 20 years.  We have come together to provide you a unique leasing experience with a long tenure of expertise.   If you are wondering if we are a “newer” broker, the answer is no; the only “new” here is the coming together of a network of us in different regions with vast experience and a strong dealer relationship; we have decided to work together to bring buyers stronger and better deals.

Our brokering service includes both listed deals and specific requests.  We receive a high volume of requests, so we may not list that many deals.  Dealer inventory also sometimes changes more quickly than we would be able to update a spreadsheet.  Additionally, if you are interested in purchasing a car rather than leasing, that's okay too!  Our service's major component is to negotiate the selling price of your new car, no matter how financing is secured. 

Fee Amount

$599 flat rate.


Calculator FAQs

How does the residual change if I increase the miles to 12,000 or 15,000 per year?

Subtract 1% from the residual shown to change to 12,000 miles; subtract 3% to change to 15,000 miles.

(Payments shown in our deals reflect 10,000 miles.)


Why is the rebate amount different at your dealership than I have been quoted locally?

Manufacturer rebates may vary based on the dealership location. 


What are MSDs?  How do I calculate them?

MSDs or multiple security deposits are used to lower the money factor and pay less interest on the lease each month. Each MSD reduces the MF by 0.00004, and they are calculated based on the monthly payment (including tax if in a state that taxes the monthly payment) rounded up to the next $50. BMW allows a total of 7 MSDs.  

Example: A $540 payment is rounded up to $550. 

$550 x 7 = $3,850

The MF is reduced by 0.00028.


Will next month’s program have better rates?

Unfortunately, no one knows the next month’s program in advance. However, you can lock this month’s terms with a credit application. 


Do you work with other manufacturers?

As of this time, we are solely BMW specialists; by focusing on one manufacturer, we can bring you a unique car purchasing experience.


Can you do out-of-state deals?

Absolutely!  We have numerous repeat customers and referrals from almost all 50 states.

Shipping FAQs

Can you deliver to my state?

Yes. We have relationships with dealerships across the country, or you can ship a car directly from our partner dealership.  Shipping is at the customer’s cost, but we will give you recommendations for trusted shippers to get quotes on pricing.

Other FAQs

Why won’t you take my deal? 

- Insufficient information provided, i.e., no model listed, no location provided, etc.

- The budgeted price is unreasonable, i.e., certain cars at a certain price are never attainable, especially in states with a higher tax burden.

Why use a broker?  

By using a broker, your leasing process will be easier than you could ever imagine.  We do all the negotiation for you and are your liaisons to the dealership. Whether you are unfamiliar with the leasing process or don't have time to search for a car, negotiate the pricing, and go back and forth with the dealership, we can provide this service to you by way of our partner dealership with a nation-wide network and a robust in-house inventory. 


For an in-stock vehicle, 50% of the fee will be refunded when a buyer changes his or her mind after the credit is pulled.  Refunds will not be given for custom orders that have entered production/can no longer be modified.  A 100% refund will be given when a deal is not able to be honored due to availability.  A 100% refund will also be given when your credit is not able to be approved. A 50% refund will be given when a customer backs out due to credit ratings impacting the payment.

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